Cars Available

Here at Adelaide Jap Dismantlers we import complete cars from Japan for Race or Rally use or compliance. Some of the vehicles that we import can be registered for the road, if someone in Australia has the low volume compliance on it through the SEVS scheme. You can find out which cars can be imported for road use by contacting the Road Vehicle Certification System (RVCS) using the link below.

As a general rule, cars that were released in Australia by the manufacturer or performance versions of that car, cannot be registered for road use, such as WRX’s, Legacy’s (Liberty’s), Galant VR4’s and such unless they are 15 years or more old before they arrive in Australia

These cars are under our race/rally car section.

Road use vehicles are listed under our registrable/compliable cars.

Registrable / Compliable Cars

The cars listed here are ones that are complied and can be road registered, or they are Australian cars already registered. 10% deposit will secure a car for you. We can arrange shipping to your state if car still in Japan!

All are sold with Australian compliance done. MVD202773


Prices quoted are for cars Complied and Inspected at Transport S.A. Registration, Insurance and Stamp Duty is not included. Insurance can be arranged through Just Cars.

Race / Rally Cars

The cars listed here can only be used for competition. Purchaser must have a current CAMS competition license. These cars are sold for use in Race, Rally or Drift only as per the conditions stated on the copy of the Import Certificate supplied with each car. They are standard ex Japan road cars ready to be modified to race/rally standards of use. Conditions apply as per DOTRaS Import Approval MVD202773

They cars cannot be registered for normal road use. EVER!

Wrecked Cars

At Adelaide Jap Dismantlers, we Stock a wide variety of front cuts, panels, lights and suspension for many makes and models. Front cuts and rear cuts from these cars are available, and if the part is not on the car, then it is likely we will have some somewhere else. If the part you are after is not here contact us and we will be likely to have something in stock. PICTURES FOR REFERENCE ONLY.