Toyota Engines List

This is a list of engines we get. This is not a stock list. The engine may or may not be in stock

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4E-FTE1331cc EFI DOHC 16-valve 4-cyl turbo100kW @ 6400157Nm @ 480090-95 Starlet GT (bolt into Aust Paseo and Jap SERA)
4A-GEU1587cc EFI DOHC 16-valve 4-cyl 88kW @ 6600rpm(1988), 100kW @ 7200 (1990)142Nm @ 5200 (1988), 147Nm @ 6000 (1990)FWD GT Corollas, mid mount in early MR2, RWD sprinter, 1988 version had 9.4:1 CR, 1990 had 10.3:1 CR and different intake.

4A-GE 20-Valve1587cc EFI DOHC 20-valve 4-cyl quad throttle bodies119kW @ 7400162Nm @ 520093-95 Trueno Apex GT coupe and Corolla GT (1996 Carina GT had 123kW)
4A-GZE1587cc EFI DOHC 16-valve 4-cyl supercharged108kW @ 6400 ('90 123kW @ 6400)186Nm @ 4400 ('90 206Nm @ 4400)88-89 Levin GT-Z and MR2 GT, uprated in '90 Trueno GT-Z
3S-GE1998cc EFI DOHC 16-valve 4-cyl123kW @ 6800191Nm @ 320092-95 Celica, Carina and Corona (96-97 model Celica SS3 and current ZS had 134kW version, current Altezza has 147kW VVTi version)
3S-GTE1998cc EFI DOHC 16-valve 4-cyl turbo165kW @ 6000 (180kW in MR2 GT-S)304Nm @ 3200Celica GT-Four and '90-on MR2 GT, Caldina
1G-GEU1988cc EFI DOHC 24-valve 6-cyl119kW @ 6400 (auto 112kW @ 6200)180Nm @ 5600As far back as the '83 Celica 2000GT
1G-GTE1988cc EFI DOHC 24-valve 6-cyl twin turbo157kW @ 6200274Nm @ 380088-on Corona GT and Soarer Twin Turbo
1G-GZE1988cc EFI DOHC 24-valve 6-cyl supercharged 127kW @ 6000225Nm @ 36001990 Crown
1JZ-GE2491cc EFI DOHC 24-valve 6-cyl132kW @ 6000 235Nm @ 480091-93 Cresta and Supra (96-97 Chaser had 147kW version)
1JZ-GTE2491cc EFI DOHC 24-valve 6-cyl twin turbo206kW @ 6200362Nm @ 4800 (378Nm @ 2400 in VVTi single turbo)91-93 MKII, Supra 2.5GT and Soarer 2.5GT-T, VVTi version from late 1995
7M-GTEU2954cc EFI DOHC 24-valve 6-cyl turbo179kW @ 5600343Nm @ 320089-90 Supra 3.0GT and Soarer GT
1MZ-FE2994cc EFI DOHC 24-valve V6157kW @ 5400289Nm @ 440096-97 Windom (Lexus ES300)
2JZ-GE2997cc EFI DOHC 24-valve 6-cyl166kW @ 6000284Nm @ 4800Supra SZ-R, Aristo S
2JZ-GTE2997cc EFI DOHC 24-valve 6-cyl sequential twin turbos206kW @ 5600430Nm @ 3600 (451Nm for VVTi version '96-on)96-97 Supra Turbo and Aristo V